A Note from the Director:

Hello beautiful people! I am so excited for this new year and the beginning of winter session. We are going to be restarting my favorite thing, the group tutoring classroom! Check out the amazing after school programming or dive deep into a subject with individual tutoring. Have a safe and happy day!

~Merrilee Schulz Director

Clover Kids Help Summer Wildfire Evacuees

Students at the 2021 Summer Stem and Leaf Camp came running to help when they found out about the people who had to evacuate their homes suddenly due to the Corkscrew Canyon Wildfire. The children assembled care packages that contained personal care items, food and drinks, working diligently to help their neighbors when they needed it most. We couldn't be more proud of our students for their kindness and good hearts.

Photo-Violet Harp and Lucas Schulz

Summer Program Ends with a Splash!

This years summer session ended with a student star studded variety show called Paradise Cafe, complete with skits written, performed by and crafted by our amazing student group. The show included crazy chefs, rubber chickens, spilled milk and so much more! All sets and props were designed and made by our amazing clover kids as well. There was so much to love about the summer, this was a beautiful way to wrap it up! Here is a list of our amazing actresses from our Summer STEAM Camp.


Violet Harp, Scarlet Harp, Emerald Harp, Nuala Libertini, Pauline Winecoop, and Laurie Winecoop

Program Order:

Chips and Salsa~ a delightful dance experience

Chef at Arms~ cooking with character

Country Maid~ ruminations on youth

Paradise Cafe~ a fine dining experience

Over the Rainbow~ Musical Finale

Cloverleaf Education Services is a non profit, family founded tutoring company in the Deer Park/Tri-County area that seeks to promote the academic and inter-relational success of children in our area. We began during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic to address the need in our community for students to have a safe and stable place to learn and access online schooling options. We have grown so much!

We introduced a successful STEAM Summer Program complete with a full scale performance opportunity, as well as several after school clubs and activities for kids in our area.

As such, we have several opportunities for adult volunteers and young adult interns to help our program grow!

These opportunities have varying levels of commitment from very minimal to daily interactions with our wonderful students!

Our internship programs are designed for young adults ages 16-20 with a desire to explore a career in education, childcare or public relations. They will help the intern acquire valuable job training, resume expansion and may be applied to an available high school work study program.

Our adult volunteers are a vital part of our organization, allowing adults to bring their valuable life passions and experience to the aid of our area children!

Please feel free to share this message and contact us by phone (509-496-9428) or email if you share our mission to help Deer Park area children!

Our deepest thanks,

Autumn Mackert, Program Manager

Merrilee Schulz, Director